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     ABOUT ME!

It all started in Philadelphia, I picked up a 600 Polaroid Camera & went to a social network &  Sold my first picture for $2 & was off to the races, I threaded the streets of Philadelphia for For 10yrs. & made a decision to come back to New York (reality set in & I felt there’s no place like home). Coming back to N.Y I engaged in shooting for quite a few websites, fun times hard work & passion for peoples smiles. It’s been a great  journey through the past 10yrs yes to find true signature of who you are & love what you do it's  20yrs but now, CHANGE HAS COME. So I appreciate my work & the people that help me to appreciate me a little more As I go on. Hope you want to become part of the movement so you can be a part of the Journey I have Been blessed with..

P.S.: You don’t have to be a customer to get to know me, Just walk with me down the path of passion to make you Smile!

“Wait til they get a load a me”

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